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What is this project?

The WPF 3D Headtracking library allows you to transform any WPF 3D application in an immersive experience simply by wrapping your common Viewport3D in a special Decorator element. No code needed!
Compatible with the Wiimote and mouse as headtracking providers, and easy to extend.


Coming soon...


  • Turn any WPF 3D app into an immersive experience just by wrapping your Viewport3D in a Headtracking3DDecorator.
  • In the current release, comes with providers for the Wiimote (based on Johnny Lee's implementation) and mouse simulation.
  • Extensible: Allows simple integration between WPF 3D and any .net-compatible headtracking technology, using a provider-based architecture.

Usage sample

  <Viewport3D Name="myViewport3D">

          <ht:WiimoteHeadtrackingProvider DotDistanceInMM="170" IsWiimoteAboveScreen="False" ScreenHeightInMM="320"/>
      <Viewport3D Name="myViewport3D">


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